Duolingo – Learning Languages Free. Forever.

Learning languages can be very difficult whether you are trying to learn one for a job or a country that you’re going to visit. But with this cool new app, Duolingo, learning second languages has been made really fun.

Let’s start with the history of the application:

The project started in Pittsburgh by Carnegie Mellon University professor Luis Von Ahn (the creator of reCAPTCHA) and his grad student, Severin Hacker. The general inspiration or spark for the application came around because Louis Von Ahn grew up in Guatemala and saw how expensive and difficult it was for people around him to learn languages. So many years later, Von Ahn and Severin together both felt that free education will really change the world, believe it or not long after the application was created, published and known worldwide as Duolingo.

Lovely story, in my opinion. It really shows that when you have an idea, and actually, work to create something that anything could happen.

Duolingo offers a plethora of features along with its beautiful design that no other application can compete with (also being one of the first applications that also works on Android for learning languages). In the video, I run through some of the things that the application does and give you a run through of how it works all together.

The language-learning app offers over 40 different language courses across 23 languages, and is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.1 platforms with over 100 million registered users across the world.

Being on of those applications and website that keeps bringing out new features, which I think all developers should be doing, I think that there is a lot of potential for this application and website to become a lot more than it already is.


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