WhatsApp has just started rolling out video calling, so better start updating your apps 😉

WhatsApp posted their own blog post, here’s an excerpt:

Over the years we’ve received many requests from our users for video calling, and we’re excited to finally offer this feature to the world. Thank you for using WhatsApp and we promise to keep working hard every day to improve the service.

Apparently video calling was one of the most demanded features, so here we are! This is going to make a huge difference to how people will interact across the world. This sprung on many by surprise since they only fairly recently released their WhatsApp Calling feature, and now they already pushed out another major update which brings video to the major communication platform.

First they got rid of text messaging, then they got rid of phone calls. And now they got rid of Skype (any other video chat apps).

Woah 😛


Alex Alex November 16, 20165:52 pm

If you would like to check out the blog post from WhatsApp, here’s the link: https://blog.whatsapp.com/10000629/WhatsApp-Video-Calling

They have some more information as to what led them to make this major update and where they are headed in the future. Great insights! 🙂
Alex Alex November 16, 20163:24 pm

Update: WhatsApp Video Calling has been released to the Apple App store and is now officially available for download in most countries. 🙂




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