ThinkTankPhoto StreetWalker Pro

Every month Bahrain This Month features some gadgets and tech, but never before have we featured a bag that lets you store them all. The ThinkTankPhoto StreetWalker Pro is a more than just a camera backpack as it also makes for a perfect fit for all of your gadgets and tech!

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PINE64 – Pinebook

An affordable Linux laptop disguised as what could easily be a Macbook Pro. The Pinebook features fairly good internal components, and still has all of the missing ports of the new Macbook Pro (USB/HDMI). Priced at just $99 the Pinebook may be a valuable addition to your arsenal.

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Canopy – Keyboard Case and iPad Stand

Canopy is a case for your Apple Magic Keyboard that folds open to create a stand for your iPad or iPhone allowing you to use your iPad with a great keyboard! Built with quality materials the Canopy features a durable synthetic canvas exterior, a microfiber interior, and a leather strap. Basically, it’s tough and built to last!

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Cobi – The first smart connected biking system

Cobi is helping to revolutionise the overall cycling experience by connecting your smartphone to your bike. This award-winning system provides bikes with intelligence assistance. The result is more safety, convenience, and fun on any trail or bike path.

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InkCase i7

InkCase i7 brings your iPhone 7 to life in amazingly powerful ways. Relive your best memories with the customizable photo wallpaper, immerse yourself into the story of your favorite eBooks or use the live information center to keep yourself update throughout the day!

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The Omniband+

Cultivate your health habit. The Omni Band displays the most essential information right on your wrist, including clock, steps, calories, and distance. The Ombiband+ also features a sleep pattern monitor which provides in-app insights about the quality of your sleep. Additionally, there’s no need to charge the device every evening since it features a whopping 2 month battery life.

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