Chase Jarvis has dedicated his life to capturing beautiful moments and teaching people how to take better photos. Now he’s doing it with the help of Apple. Through this new partnership, Apple is introducing Photo Lab: Crafting Your Shot; bringing photography classes to more than 500 Apple stores around the world.

Chase Jarvis is known as the founder and CEO of CreativeLive, the company globally known as “the largest and best education platform for creatives and entrepreneurs.” It’s an all-time favourite place of mine to brush up on some skills or learn new ones altogether without having to leave the comfort of my home.

On Thursday, he announced Photo Lab via an Instagram post and provided a little behind-the-scenes look on location at the Apple flagship San Francisco store.

Here’s CreativeLive’s description of what to expect from Photo Lab:

There are three things you can do to make a great photo: connect with your subject, compose your frame, and shape light. In this lab, taught by Apple Creatives, you’ll get hands-on with fun and immersive exercises built on Chase’s three techniques.


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Visit this Apple link for more information about Photo Lab

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  1. So pumped for Chase Jarvis, this is an amazing partnership!

    Just wondering if he personally teaches the course or if he is just creating the curriculum with them. Hope there’s going to be one near me soon 🙂


    1. Yeah I don’t think that he is personally teaching every single class. They are having one in Switzerland soon, but I think it’s just taught by Apple creative employees.


      1. It would be so sick if we could actually travel the world to teach the classes everywhere.


      2. ThePhotographyBlog

        I hope he comes to Switzerland!


    2. It’s amazing how far he’s come. I remember the launch of CreativeLive and when he first joined YouTube.


      1. Me too, I was one of his first subscribers…


        1. Yeah I followed what he was doing quite some time ago already. He started ‘The Best Camera’ movement.


  2. This is amazing, I want to go to one of these talks!!


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